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  •  Energy Efficiency in Buildings in the Contracting Parties of the Energy Community

Develop a Study to support governments in their efforts to meet their commitments under the Energy Community Treaty by assisting them to increase the efficient use of energy in buildings and improve their energy performances, as well as for implementation of their National Energy Efficiency Action Plans with respect to buildings sector.


ENSI providing various services to ensure good quality output of the Study:

  • A standard approach/methodology for developing a building stock inventory and a methodology for defining reference buildings in each category;
  • Based on reference buildings, estimated economic energy saving potential and optimal investment costs per category, including prioritisation of measures based on their cost effectiveness;
  • A data base (methodology and tool) for the required climate parameters used in the calculation of minimum energy performance of buildings;
  • Common methodology for calculating the energy performance of buildings according the EPBD;
  • Series of recommendations on what measures/steps are necessary to set the minimum energy performance requirements for different categories of new and existing buildings or building units and technical building systems in accordance with the requirements of the EPBD;
  • A list of minimum EU standards, and an outline of the secondary legislation that is required to be adopted in order to proper implement the EPBD;
  • A common Roadmap/process flowchart for the implementation of the EPBD;
  • Training Workshop.

Client: Energy Community

Location: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Ukraine


Duration: 05/2011 - 02/2012