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  • Quick Assessment of Energy Performance of Built Environment Projects

The Quick-Assessment aims to assist EBRD on evaluation and identification of sustainable energy components in build environment projects as well as compare given project with energy performance benchmarks. The Project addresses public, residential and commercial buildings in the pipeline of Property & Tourism, Transport, Agribusiness, Municipal Teams as well as suitable projects of other Banking Teams of EBRD.

The assignment includes:

  • Development of a standard energy efficiency questionnaire for new building developments;
  • Engagement with the Clients on clarification on any technological aspects;
  • Quick-Assessment of energy performance of selected built environment projects.

Sustainable energy investments are described per the following categories: building fabric; HVAC; lighting; water saving equipment; power supply infrastructure. 
Beside the energy performance assessment of the proposed projects and solutions, the project also includes evaluation of possible additional energy efficiency improvement measures:

  • Review existing technical specification and identify possible additional feasible sustainable opportunities;
  • Analyse these feasible energy efficiency opportunities and assess energy savings and carbon reductions;
  • Provide cost-benefit analysis of those additional sustainable measures selected to be recommended for implementation.

Client: EBRD

Location: CIS

Duration: 07/2010 – 07/2011


  •  Financial Engineering within the UN ECE project "Energy Efficiency 2000"

Development and implementation of a combined capacity building and project development programme on Financial Engineering, focusing on the development of complete Business Plans for real, concrete projects through an interactive Training Programme. Participants were from Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovenia. The primary target was to build capacities and skills enabling the participants to develop, arrange financing for, implement and maintain energy efficiency projects and hence contribute to sustainable development. 


Location: Pecs and Budapest, Hungary


Client: UN ECE


Duration: 1996 – 1998