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  • Technical assistance combined with capacity building for Albanian experts in municipalities influenced by Devoll hydropower project

Technical and financial assistance to secure correct planning and sustainable building, combined with capacity building, in the rebuilding and refurbishment projects initiated by the Devoll project – development and construction of three hydropower plants along the Devoll river in Albania. Devoll project will during the construction phase influence infrastructure and buildings in a number of municipalities.

The project implemented by ENSI includes the following main components:

  • Identification and interactive training of municipal experts from up to 10 Albanian municipalities within Devoll impact area.
  • Technical assistance and support to planning, public procurement and construction of sustainable and energy efficient municipal buildings, exemplified on the real projects - municipal buildings influenced by Devoll hydropower project.
  • Technical assistance to municipal projects and site visits
  • Adjustment and further development of existing manuals, templates and tools and providing to the municipalities
  • Awareness rising and information dissemination to both professional and general public

Location: Tirana, Gramsh, Elbasan

Client: Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

 Duration: 06/2012 – present


  • Municipal Energy Efficiency Planning

The main goal of the project is to improve capacities and skills on energy efficiency planning in Albanian municipalities.


In 2008, ENSI was requested by the Albanian Association of Municipalities to provide support on Municipal Energy Efficiency Planning. Cooperation was established with the USAID funded "Local Governance Programme in Albania" and pilot municipalities were selected to participate in the capacity building programme. During stage 1, a series of workshops was arranged, and managers from the pilot municipalities were introduced to Municipal Energy Planning and developed Energy Efficiency Concept Papers. During more capacity building sessions in stage 2, Municipal Energy Efficiency Plans (MEEP) were developed. Stage 3: support to ensure successful implementation of approved MEEPs in pilot projects, and series of capacity building sessions for new municipalities to guide them through the process of developing Municipal Energy Efficiency Plans.


ENSI provide overall project management and the following services:

  • Design and delivery of training of municipal energy experts, and guidance and support on preparation of Energy Efficiency Concept Paper and Municipal Energy Efficiency Plan;
  • Provision of planning tools, including municipal database software;
  • Development of energy audit reports (feasibility studies) for a number of energy efficiency projects, identified through the energy efficiency planning process;
  • Providing guidance to EU harmonisation;
  • Arrangement of study trip for local specialists to Norway;
  • Energy efficiency pilot projects, in order to give “hands on” training and to build further capacities, energy efficiency pilot projects will be implemented;
  • Final updating and adjustment of the MEEP Toolset and distribution through the network of the Albanian Association of Municipalities.

Local partners: Albanian EU Energy Efficiency Centre, Albanian Association of Municipalities 

Client: Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Duration: 12/2008 – 3/2012

  • Energy Auditing of Albanian Buildings - Capacity Buildings, Methods and Tools

Adjustment of the ENSI methods and toolset on Energy Auditing of Buildings for Albanian conditions together with local partners (incl. EAB Software); Design and delivery of “Training of trainers” programme in applying the ENSI methods and tools in development of real building projects; Providing guest lectures for University students.

Local partners: Albanian EU Energy Efficiency Centre, Tirana Polytechnical University, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy, National Agency for Natural Resources

Location: Tirana

Client: Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Duration: 05/2007 – 08/2008


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