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  • Sustainable Buildings in Azerbaijan; Technical Assistance and Capacity Building

Technical assistance and capacity building programme on: Energy Auditing, Certification and Management of Buildings; Utilisation of Renewable Energy in buildings; Support on development of new regulations and norms for EE & RES in buildings.


ENSI provides overall project management and the following main services:

  • Development of training materials, adjustment of manuals, calculation tools (considering Azerbaijan, regional and EU legislation), etc;
  • Implementation of learning-by-doing multisession capacity building training programme for Azerbaijan engineers/experts on Energy Auditing and Certification of Buildings.
  • Development of curriculum for official training on Energy Auditing and Certification of Buildings;
  • Implementation of “training of trainers” programme; 
  • Guidance and support to the trained trainers when they are providing training;
  • Development of EE pilot projects in buildings; 
  • Technical assistance to the Agency on developing EE norms for secondary legislation on application of performance standards for buildings, as well as on developing national methodology for calculating the energy performance of buildings;
  • Technical Assistance to the Agency on establishing buildings energy management and planning procedures;
  • Study trip to Norway to inform about how energy efficiency regulations and standards are applied in Norway, and to present Norwegian best practices on energy efficiency in the building sector.

Partners: Azerbaijan State Agency for Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources (AARES), Norsk Energi (Norway)

Client: Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Duration: 05/2011 - 02/2015

  • CDM Program of Activities for reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the building sector in Azerbaijan

The objective of this study was to identify specific solutions for establishing a CDM Programme of Activities (PoA) in educational buildings of Azerbaijan, including:

  • to increase the awareness within the Designated National Authorities (DNA) about application of CDM PoA in the building sector;
  • to identify main barriers;
  • to raise awareness among local consultants on supporting development and implementation of suitable projects;
  • to prepare recommendations for establishing the framework for a CDM PoA in the building sector and propose the methodologies for practical application of CDM PoA in Azerbaijan.

Services provided by ENSI:

  • Preparation and implementation of Workshop on Project Development Process in Buildings, targeting local consultants and developers to support identification and screening of suitable measures and technologies for CDM PoA projects.
  • Screening of representative public buildings: two types of representative public buildings were identified and screened to evaluate suitable technologies and measures for PoA implementation and correspondent potential for CO2 emission reduction.
  • Review of various options for CDM PoA “architecture” and discussions with stakeholders.
  • Development of Project Report with the following main content: technologies and measures suitable for a CDM PoA in the building sector of Azerbaijan; Selecting UNFCCC methodologies to be applied in the PoA; Recommending project cycle and institutional framework for a PoA in the building sector.
  • Workshop and Dissemination seminar on CDM PoA for Building Sector.

Partner: Norsk Energi (Norway)


Client: Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Duration: 09/2009 - 09/2010


  • Energy Efficiency and Cleaner Production in Azerbaijan

Long-term building programme on Cleaner Production and Energy Efficiency in Azerbaijan, including establishment and development of Azerbaijan Cleaner Production and Energy Efficiency Centre. Main activities: education and training; identification, preparation and implementation of projects in buildings, industry, district heating and utilisation of renewable energy sources; development of financial schemes and mechanisms and information activities.


Local partner: Centre for Cleaner Production and Energy Efficiency


Location: Baku


Duration: 2002–2006

Energy Auditing of Buildings - combined training and project development programme, September 2004English 
Cleaner Production and Energy Efficiency, Progress Report, June 2004English