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  • Energy Auditing of Buildings - Capacity Building, Methods and Tools

The project includes five main components:


- Adjustment of the ENSI methods and tools on Energy Auditing of Buildings for BiH;

- Training of trainers in applying the ENSI methods in development of real building projects;

- Further training of local specialists and education of university students;

- Awareness raising via information/dissemination seminars;

- Guidance to the authorities regarding EU harmonization of laws, regulations and norms

  (related to energy efficiency in the building sector).


Local partners are involved in the whole process of adjusting the methods and tool (incl. software for energy and profitability calculations), and in the “training of trainers” programme. In this way local specialist will be able to offer professional consultancy services in the market, as well as provide local training programmes.


It is also planned to establish education programme on “Energy efficiency in buildings” in the University curriculum.

Local partner: CENER 21

Location: Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Tusla


Client: Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Duration: 06/2008 – 05/2010


  • Financial Engineering for Energy Efficiency projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Development and implementation of a combined capacity building and project development programme on Financial Engineering, focusing on the development of complete Business Plans for real, concrete projects through an interactive Training Programme. The primary target was to build capacities and skills enabling companies and organisations in Bosnia and Herzegovina to develop, arrange financing for, implement and maintain energy efficiency projects and hence contribute to sustainable development. The outcome of the programme is business plans for real, concrete projects defined by the partners in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Local partner: CENER 21

Location: Sarajevo


Client: Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Duration: 05/2007 – 08/2008