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Czech Republic
  • Energy Auditing of Buildings - Updating of Methodologies and Tools

Updating of methodologies and tools for Energy Auditing of Buildings and make them available for Slovak and Czech students and professionals. This include development of Slovakian and Czech textbook “Energy Auditing of Buildings”, Slovakian and Czech version of the ENSI EAB Software and User Guide, Slovakian and Czech version of the ENSI Economy Software and User Guide.

Local partners

- Brno University of Technology – Faculty of Civil Engineering

- Slovak University of Technology – Faculty of Civil Engineering


Location: Brno and Bratislava


Client: Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Duration: 2002 – 2004


  • Transfer of Energy Efficiency know-how to the Czech Republic (1994-1997)
  • Financial Engineering within the UN ECE project "Energy Efficiency 2000"

Development and implementation of a combined capacity building and project development programme on Financial Engineering, focusing on the development of complete Business Plans for real, concrete projects through an interactive Training Programme. Participants were from Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovenia. The primary target was to build capacities and skills enabling the participants to develop, arrange financing for, implement and maintain energy efficiency projects and hence contribute to sustainable development. 


Location: Pecs and Budapest, Hungary


Duration: 1996 – 1998

Energy Auditing of Buildings in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, Project Completion Report, June 2004English 
Energy Auditing of Buildings - Workshop, Completion Report, May 2003English