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  • EVENT: Successful Sino-Norwegian Seminar on Energy Efficiency in Chinese Building Sector, Mar. 18th 2010 in Beijing
The seminar was organised in cooperation between Beijing Energy Conservation & Environmental Protection Center (BEEC), the Royal Norwegian Embassy, Innovation Norway and NEEC. The event featured presentations from NEEC member companies such as ENSI and AF Group, as well as COWI, Narvik University College and several Chinese officials. The speakers received a lot of interest from the engaged participants, and each presentation was met by interesting questions from both the Chinese and international participants. Read more
  • EVENT: ENSI opens Dalian Energy Efficiency Centre in partnership with Confederation of Norwegian Enterprises (NHO), China Enterprise Confederation (CEC) and Dalian Economic & Technological Development Area (DDA)

As a part of Chinas strategy to increase energy efficiency in buildings and industry, Dalian Energy Efficiency Centre (DEEC) has been established to serve local government and industry in implementing energy efficiency projects.

Sino-Norway Dalian Energy Efficiency Centre was officially opened Tuesday, December 8, by DDA Director Zhang Shikun accompanied by NHO Director John G. Bernander, CEC Dept. Director Li Ming Xing and Minister Counsellor Kjell T. Pettersen from Norwegian Embassy in Beijing.


Watch a video clip from the Opening Ceremony here.

ENSI has been contracted to train energy experts at the centre who will, in turn, support local industry, local government and financial organisations to develop profitable Energy Efficiency projects in the Liaoning province.

Dalian is a coastal city in the North East of China, with 6 mill inhabitants. With the establishment of DEEC, Dalian Economic & Technological Development Area hopes to be a pioneer on energy efficiency and develop a model centre that can be replicated in other Chinese provinces.

DEEC is owned by DDA, Dalian Dongtai Industrial Waste Treatment Co. and Zhongbao Business Consultation Co.

The Norwegian capacity building programme is supported by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD).




  • Establishment of Dalian Centre of Energy Efficiency

The centre will support development of profitable Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy projects in the Liaoning province by serving local industry, local government and financial organisations that engage in Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy projects. Involvement of these clients is also envisaged during development and implementation of EE/RE demonstration projects that derivate from the capacity building activity. After the local experts have been recruited and trained at the centre, the centre will be operating as a financial profitable and self-sufficient centre of excellence.

ENSI will be the implementing agent for the capacity building programme at Dalian Centre for Energy Efficiency. The centre is to be established within DDA in Dalian during June 2009 and local experts will be recruited and trained at the centre over a 3 years period. 



- Norwegian Confederation of Enterprises (NHO), Secretariat for Private Sector Development

- China Confederation of Enterprises (CEC)

- Dalian Technological and Economical Development Area (DDA)



Location: Dalian, Liaoning province, China 

Client:  NORAD


Duration: 2009 - 2014


  • Energy Efficiency in Citic Automobile Co. Ltd.

The programme included:

- Establishment of energy management team at Citic Automobile Co. Ltd in Liaoyuan

- Training of energy managers in identification and development of energy efficiency projects, including provision of tools and methods for energy calculations

- Performing of Energy Scanning of the Citic Automobile Liaoyuan plant in Houma


Results from the capacity building programme were presented at the Norwegian Embassy in Beijing in December 2008.



- Innovation Norway – Beijing

- Wit Capital – Beijing


Location: Houma, Shanxi province, China


Duration: June - December 2008