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About ENSI
ENSI - Energy Saving International AS is a Norwegian company that offers local and international consulting services in two main directions:
  • Capacity building on energy, energy efficiency, renewables and the environment in developing and early transition countries
  • Project management for development, implementation and operation of building projects
Our overall business idea:
We shall provide value added and result focused consultancy services for energy efficient and environmental friendly solutions to private and public customers in the professional marketplace.

The ENSI team includes Norwegian, Czech, Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian and Slovakian specialists.


The ENSI references include projects from 35 different countries: 

Our clients are governmental organisations, non-governmental organisations, universities, public utilities and enterprises and private companies as well as international financial institutions.
ENSI has successfully managed and implemented a number of long-term technical assistance and capacity building programmes in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and the CIS. The main objective has been to build local capacities and skills, enabling local partners to identify, develop, arrange financing, implement and monitor projects on energy, energy efficiency, renewable energy and the environment.
A vital part of ENSI's strategy is close co-operation with partners in each country to make Norwegian and international experience, know-how and technology available to national and local authorities, energy utilities, industrial companies, building owners and energy service companies (ESCO's). An important element of these programmes has been the establishment and development of self-supporting local Energy Efficiency Centres offering professional consultancy services.
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