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Capacity Building

The ENSI Capacity Building Programmes are covering the following main areas:

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To ensure a sustainable economic development, increased energy efficiency and utilisation of renewable energy sources as well as environmental improvements is needed in most countries.


Often utilities cost (in particular energy and water) constitute major expenses in the total budget, and there are several industrial enterprises and buildings that have large improvement potentials.


To utilise this potential and have a large number of energy efficiency, renewable energy and cleaner production projects implemented, it is crucial to have sufficient capacities and skills available in the local market. This includes capacities and skills on step by step development of individual projects and groups of projects (for industrial enterprises, municipalities, hotel chains, etc.), for instance according to the Project Development Process as illustrated to the right. 


Furthermore, energy institutions (agencies, centres, consultancies) should be in place to ensure an efficient market development.


ENSI has developed several Capacity Building Programmes, covering the whole Project Development Process as well as Institutional Capacity Building. 


To ensure efficient Capacity Building, ENSI is applying the interactive “learning by doing” approach as illustrated to the left


Each programme includes classroom sessions with lectures, examples, exercises, discussions and consultations. Between the sessions, the participants carry out practical homework on specific projects. This way they gain experience while repeating and testing out their new knowledge, ending up for instance with an Energy Audit Report or a Business Plan for specific projects.


Further sustainability is secured by the “training the trainers” approach.


ENSI is focused on achieving concrete and documented results. For us Capacity Building means:


Enabling others to do the same, several times - and for many years.