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Software and Tools

To facilitate project identification, development, financing, implementation and operation, ENSI has developed a set of Software and Tools. The ENSI Software and Tools are covering a wide range of areas, listed below (and in the menu on the left side).

The practical orientated ENSI Software and Tools are prepared to assist consultants, experts and managers to ensure efficient and high quality project development and realisation. The Software and Tools are always provided to the participants at the various Capacity Building and Training Programmes organised by ENSI. The Software and Tools are introduced at University education programmes, and thus improving the qualifications and skills of the future experts.


Most of the ENSI Software and Tools are generic and can be used for most types of projects in any country. The energy calculation Software is prepared to be adjusted to include for instance local climatic data and reference values according to national regulations and standards. 


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Energy Performance

EAB Software

User-friendly tool for calculating the energy performance of buildings. The software is suitable for energy auditing of new and existing buildings and for building certification.



Profitability Software

With the Profitability Software you can easily calculate the profitability of all your energy efficiency and renovation measures separately and in packages. 



Energy Monitoring

Energy Monitor 

Quick and correct processing of measured data, registrations plotted in the ET-diagram and deviations calculated, presenting weekly and accumulated consumption of energy and water costs.